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companies in

Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania…

about the product

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  • Internet Portal

    Website and integrated CMS. The client portal has such functions as profile data management, information on outstanding loans, notifications and payment history.


  • Lending

    The base module for lending can automate such loan-related functions and procedures as client identification, application receiving, credit scoring, decision-making, loan approval and pay-out, automatic processing of incoming payments, registration of fines, and loan term extensions. This module supports lending procedures using the Internet portal, SMS, telephone, or in person.


  • CRM

    Registration of client communications, distribution of advertising materials, automated tasks of client operators and debt collectors.


  • Accounting

    Registration of loan operations – issuing (with distribution of incoming funds by relevant periods) and repayment of loans, automatic creation of accruals and registration of other core activity operations.


  • Incentives

    Register of incentives for client attraction.


  • Debt Collection

    The debt collection module automates notification by SMS, e-mail or mail at predefined intervals. This module can be used to regularly send information on overdue debts to predefined collection organizations and submit information on debtors to credit history databases. It also supports the preparation of loan repayment schedules and automatic termination in cases of failure to make payments within the schedule, and assists in the collection of debts by litigation.


  • Adaptation

    The system has been created in a way that allows it to be adapted to any type of lending operations in any country.

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why us?

We are a Latvian IT service company with eight years of experience in developing specialized solutions for organizations in public and private sectors alike. More about us …

Leading payday loan companies in many countries – such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, and Lithuania – already use this solution.

Our clients include SMScredit.lv, vivus.se, netcredit.pl, netcredit.cz and zejem.ru.

Some of our clients:
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how do we work

    • We define your business needs in a meeting, either in person or by teleconference

    • We make you a financial offer

    • We formulate a system specification, indicating the system adaptations to be carried out (typical tasks include the design and implementation of an Internet portal and adaptation of the lending business procedures)

    • We adapt the system and upload the result to your or our own servers

    • We conduct training for your personnel (remotely or in person)

    • We provide warranty servicing and repairs during the 1st year of operation and implement changes in the system according to your needs (through our support system at support.bi.lv). Should you wish to, you may take over the system maintenance after the warranty period.

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